Exams have been a flurry of timetables, checklists and flash cards. Here’s one more checklist for that glorious day when you finish your final exams. Because you deserve it!

  1. Keep it simple

It’s true – your exams are really over! That means try to avoid over-analysing what you did or didn’t do if you can help it. You really won’t know how you did until you get your grades when exam results are out. Now it’s time to reward yourself for all your hard work.


  1. Go for a celebratory meal

The thought of going somewhere nice to eat and just having a generally pleasant meal and having a fun time with friends without that nagging feeling of having to revise at the back of my mind is a welcome end to revision and exams.


  1. ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

Hooray, sleep! You can now sleep when you want, for how long you want. Sleep is now your friend, not your enemy.


  1. Go to a beach

Nothing is more relaxing than a beach holiday after exams. Beaches can be relaxing and a good way to remove all the stress and enjoy the cool waters.


  1. Pursue your hobbies

The pressure of academics often pushes your hobbies to the backburner. So this is the time of the year when you can give wings to your passion, be it photography, painting, composing songs and poems or writing stories.


Do you do anything particularly interesting after finishing your exams? If so leave a comment we’d love to hear from you!