Should YouTube and Facebook be blocked from tablets?




A lively debate has ensued among principals and stakeholders in the Tablets in Schools (TIS) Project as to whether the popular social media sites, Facebook and YouTube, should be allowed in schools.

At the TIS Principals’ Workshop last month, participants acknowledged that videos on YouTube can be valuable source of teaching material, as there is a plethora of educational videos which can benefit students at all levels.

Facebook can also be used to share educational material as well as events and developments taking place in schools.

However school administrators were divided on whether the benefits of use social media outweighed the costs.

They say social media has become a source of distraction for many students who use the sites to posting their pictures, watch music videos, or worse – to watch pornographic or expletive-laden material.

Some teachers said the sites should be banned altogether; others suggested teachers, fellow students and parents should closely monitor students’ use of the internet to prevent or reduce inappropriate use.

Meanwhile Avrill Crawford, Chief Executive Officer of e-LJam has urged the Ministry of Education to develop a policy on Internet use for schools.

She noted also that the tablet providers under the TIS are upgrading their systems in an effort to block instances of inappropriate use.

So what do you think? Should Facebook, YouTube and other social media sited be blocked from the tablets? Please drop us a line with your view.