Students and parents sign contract to receive tablets

Parents, guardians and students must sign an agreement in the form of a Pledge to take responsibility for their tablet computers before they are issued to students. The pledge agreements were developed after extensive consultation with stakeholders including information technology developers and suppliers, security advisors; the school community including teachers, principals and chairmen; and the Ministry of Education among others.

The pledge includes for parents and guardians to:

  • encourage and assist students to take responsibility for their devices
  • report losses to the police
  • pay for replacing missing or damaged accessories such as charges and cases and earphones

Students among other things are required to:

  • keep the tablets away from food and drink
  • not expose tablets while walking on the road
  • not disassemble the devices
  • use the devices appropriately for educational purposes, such as using proper grammar rather than texting language
  • not modify software or load inappropriate content

Meetings are held at each pilot school with parents and guardians to explain the provisions of the pledge before requiring them to sign. Any damage or loss of the tablets by students will require that they replace them.