Technology Management Teams (TMT) trained to ensure success of project

e-LJam TMT training
Mrs. Dorothy Thompson, Implementation Supervisor at e-LJam assisting a TMT member. e-LJam recently completed a series of workshops to train TMT members.

With the tablets now in the hands of the students in the 38 pilot institutions, the Tablets in Schools (TIS) Pilot Project has embarked on a new phase – that of ensuring the proper use of the devices and the integration of the tablets into the teaching learning process.

With this mind, eLJam has established Technology Management Teams (TMTs) in all of the pilot institutions. Members from each school include at least four teachers at various levels and one student.

The e- LJam team recently completed a series of workshops to train TMT members. The workshops, held in Kingston, Montego Bay, Mandeville and Runaway Bay, were well attended.  This offered an opportunity for all to voice their concerns and make suggestions to improve aspects of the project for the benefit of their students.

The TMTs have a number of responsibilities, including:

  • Helping to enforce school policy on the use of project equipment and material to meet school objectives
  • Overseeing the deployment and usage of project equipment and materials
  • Keeping a daily log of students’ tablets
  • Encouraging the integration of tablets by teachers in their lessons
  • Reporting damaged or missing tablets to the relevant persons.
TMT trainees listen intently.
TMT trainees listen intently.

The workshops included an update on the Project.  Each institution had also received in addition to the tablets other supporting technology such as interactive whiteboards, laptops; charging carts and the provision of training; as well as wifi in each school.

Mr. Izett McCalla, e-LJam’s Senior ICT specialist, urged the teachers to be vigilant in monitoring their students’ use of the tablets. He noted that there was special software capable of tracking and bricking the tablets.

It is important that the teacher make regular checks to ensure the device is taken to school”, Mr. McCalla stated.  He challenged the teachers to report problems to the tablet provider, as well as to        e-LJam, in order to improve the project in its pilot phase.

Representatives of the providers also advised the teachers of the care and safe use of the tablets.

A member of the e-LJam team assisting a TMT member. e-LJam recently completed a series of workshops to train TMT members.
Principals and teachers from TIS pilot schools took part in a series of Technology Management Team (TMT) training workshops last month. Among those making presentations at the Kingston session were Mr. Izett McCalla, Senior ICT Specialist (in red shirt) and Mrs. Dorothy Thompson, Implementation Supervisor (standing).

Mr. Robert Philips, e-LJam’s Education Specialist presented an overview of some of the interesting educational apps and online resources available on the tablets. These include titles such as EZ Learner, EduFocal, A Plus, GoGSAT and Bookflix.

The Implementation Team took the teachers through the process of reporting issues to the TIS Helpdesk, a new feature that will assist in keeping the devices up and running as it allows for reporting of issues and follow up activities. The team implored the teachers to report issues immediately or within 24 hours to ensure a prompt response from the providers and e-LJam.