TIS credited for improved attendance, better attitude in schools

Mr. Sheldon Richards, principal of Clan Carthy Primary School.

Jamaica’s Tablets in School programme is being given credit for improved attendance and better attitudes among students in at least two schools.

The Principals are reporting welcomed changes in student behaviour, due to use of the tablets.

At Clan Carthy Primary School in St Andrew, Principal Sheldon Richards, notes that during the week that the tablets were distributed, immediate changes were observed, with the students “being much more excited about learning.”

Additionally, he said that attendance rate had increased noticeably since the distribution of the tablets, moving from 92 per cent to 96 per cent, while teachers had observed improved behavior during classes, “because the tablet is used as an incentive as well.”

Homework compliance had also improved, he said, because of the use of the tablets.

A mother pays keen attention as young students of Cavaliers Primary and Infant School try out the features of a tablet.

Renae Charlton Wolfe, Principal of Cavaliers All Age School, also spoke approvingly of the impact of the programme. She told RJR News that additional opportunities are being created because of access to the tablets.

Mrs Wolfe said teachers were recently introduced to a software programme that will be placed on the tablets to assist in improving the numeracy competence of students.

“There are so many opportunities that we’re going to have to really improve the children’s learning, because we realise that children are really excited about learning, because they are on the tablet,” she said enthusiastically.

–          Adapted from RJR News Online