7 Tips to Keep Your Tablet Protected and Safe

Keeping Your Tablet Safe

Your Tablet is delicate and valuable, and is therefore in danger of being stolen, lost or damaged.  Take care of your Tablet like it was your new Smartphone.

  1. Always keep your Tablet in its protective case.  This helps to make sure that it does not become damaged.
  2. Avoid attracting the attention of thieves:
    • Don’t expose your Tablet in crowded places.
    • Don’t use your Tablet on public transport.
    • Don’t leave your Tablet unattended.
  3. Your Tablet can be tracked if it is stolen or lost.  So report it immediately.
  4. If your Tablet is lost or stolen, report it immediately to your school and the Police.  If it is damaged, report it immediately to your school.
  5. Never give your password to anyone.
  6. Don’t lend your Tablet to anyone. You will be held responsible for any improper use of the Tablet.
  7. Don’t use your Tablet improperly.  If you do, it may be taken away from you.  Improper use includes attempting to access unapproved websites.

Follow these simple tips to make sure that you and your Tablet stay together for a long time.