More Than 7,000 Tablets For National Census


e-Learning Jamaica Limited (e-LJam) has partnered with the Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN) and the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Information (MoEYI) for the procurement of electronic devices to be used in the 2022 National Census.

“The responsibility of e-LJam in this project is to procure 7,525 tablets, 40 charging carts, 40 projectors and 4,000 power banks for the upcoming census, using government procurement guidelines,” Acting Chief Executive Officer of e-LJam, Andrew Lee, told JIS News.

Mr. Lee was speaking at a JIS Think Tank session held today (August 5) at the Agency’s Kingston Head Office.

Deputy Director-General of STATIN, Leesha Delatie-Budair, who was also present during the session, explained that a memorandum of understanding was signed by all three entities and the devices will be donated to the MoEYI to support the Tablets in School Programme, once the census is completed.

“When STATIN started planning for the census about five years ago, one of the things we wanted to do was to try and forge strategic partnerships with various entities, both governmental and non-governmental, to make this census as efficient as possible. We were aware of e-Learning’s capability to procure thousands of devices as well as the need for more electronic devices in school,” Ms. Delatie-Budair stated.

She highlighted that the devices procured by e-Learning will be used by data collectors in the field to collect data in a timely and efficient manner, especially given the current restrictions of the n-coronavirus pandemic.

The Acting e-Learning CEO expressed delight at the partnership and welcomed future partnerships with other government ministries, agencies and departments.

“e-Learning Jamaica is an agency of the Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology; and our focus is infusing technology in public-sector schools. However, we do work with other government agencies to ensure that they leverage our expertise in technology devices, so this partnership was greatly welcomed,” Mr. Lee said.

Article by: JIS