Teachers share best practices at e-LJam English workshops

english wkshop
Master teacher Mrs. Sonia Lee (left) with technical assistance from e-LJam’s Christopher Waugh, conducts an English workshop at the Alhambra Inn in St Andrew.

The annual workshops for English teachers put on by e-LJam are an opportunity for teachers to enhance their skills as well as to share best practices for the benefit of their students.

“It’s never a situation where we are just telling, but teachers have something to give as well. There is a sharing of best practice. It has been a coming together of ideas to strengthen the performance of all the teachers”, noted Sonia Lee, master teacher in Literatures in English who conducted a workshop for English teachers at the Alhambra Inn in March.

Similar to its mathematics workshops, e-LJam stages workshops for English teachers to enhance their skills while incorporating the use of technology.

Mrs. Lee says performance in CSEC English is always a priority and focus this year was improving performance in comprehension.

“Last year the CSEC performance showed that comprehension could have been better. We found that performance in the summary could have been better because of a lack of comprehension skills”, the master teacher noted.

Teachers attending the workshops are expected to return to their schools and share what they learned with their colleagues.

“They always come in with a desire to learn. We ask them to bring their computers and look at how technology can enhance teaching. We make sure they leave with information that is relevant and current”, Mrs Lee said in underscoring the importance of the workshops.

Donna Tinglin, English Coordinator for the e-LJam said the CSEC annual review is used to help determine the areas of focus for the workshops.

“As teachers we are on the ground so we get feedback from the teachers themselves as so what areas to highlight”, Ms Tinglin noted.

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